Welcome to the Department of Theology

Faculty of Arts & Social Science


The Bachelor of Arts of Theological Studies programme was designed to provide the foundation necessary for a student to enter the gospel ministry. The programme is also designed to provide the basic training needed for those who want to further their training in Theological studies.

The Department seeks to enable students to contribute to the development of family, community, and church through training in both the theoretical knowledge and the practical application of a sound, Bible-based Christianity. As such, the programs provided by the Department are not limited to those seeking a career in the ministry. The programme provides solid Christian support for pre-professional programs such as medicine, social work, law, and many others. A degree in Theology will prepare one to be a better lay person, whatever his/her field of study or long-term goals may be.


The Bachelor of Arts Theological Studies programme was introduced in 1993. Prior to this period, Bible workers and Gospel ministers of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Ghana were trained outside the country. With the rapid growth of churches and schools in the denomination, the need for Bible workers and Gospel ministers led to the establishment of the theological studies programme in the then Valley View University College (now Valley View University). The programme was first accredited on September 30, 1997 by the National Accreditation Board. The Bachelor of Arts in Theology major at Valley View University aims at meeting the growing needs of licensed ministers and chaplains in clinics, hospice, prison, and mental hospital, industrial, educational, and military settings. It also aims at producing refined and competent pastors for the gospel ministry in both local and international contexts. A graduate of this program receives a University degree accredited by both local and international bodies. We should always have it in mind that “the University is where the Church does its thinking” (Theodore M. Hesburg).


The primary goals of the Bachelor of Arts of Theological Studies programme are to prepare and turn out trained and qualified pastors/Bible-teachers who:

· Have developed the academic and professional competence to function effectively as preachers, Bible-teachers, evangelists, counsellors, and youth leaders.

· Have been prepared and equipped to continue their studies in seminaries and universities

· Demonstrate the attributes and skills of competent spiritual leaders, including a sense of divine call and communion with God, a compassionate and accepting relationship with other people, personal integrity, and a balanced judgment.

· Successfully manage religious programs, personnel, finances, and facilities.

· Will promote and participate in the global mission of the Christian church.

· Will inspire and facilitate personal ministry growth through a commitment to life-long learning.

· Initiate critical and creative thinking, serving as a catalyst for advancement and growth.

· Demonstrate competence in communicating through the printed medium biblically-based responses to contemporary cultural, ethical, and theological issues and challenges.


The objectives of the department are to:

· Expose the minister-in-training to an in-depth study of the Bible by providing him or her with essential tools of biblical hermeneutics that emphasize humanity’s salvation through Jesus Christ.

· Equip the students with strategies and methods of evangelisation and tools for nurturing.

· Provide biblical knowledge to enable students restore lost moral values in the family, schools and the wider society.

· Equip students with analytical and critical thinking in the systematic presentation of biblical ideas.

· Assist students to learn to evaluate ministerial practices through pastoral reflection, which helps them establish a biblical model of leadership.

· Equip prospective graduates with the appropriate tools to analyze the needs of their churches and communities and develop and implement appropriate and effective ministries.